Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu Planning

Wow! I just found out I am about to get 15 guests for the big day this year. Time to get menu planning. Actually planning the menu and the day before Thanksgiving are my favorite, I tend to block out the price tag and this year it is going to get bigger.

Organic - I know how I feel about pesticides, eating local and using seasonal products, I am all for it. However, it is so easy to "fall off the wagon" in today's society. I am committed, at least, for this Thanksgiving to get it done. First item, free range, never frozen, organic Turkey. Last year was the frozen super market $9 bargain buster and I say never again.

I will post my final menu and recipes (with photos) for this year as I develop them over the next week or so. I will be in Toronto next week, which gives me some time on the plane to get my thoughts together. Also, look for a new Toronto review up on the site as I plan on visiting someplace special down on King Street West.

So, start cracking out those cookbooks, visiting websites and calling Grandma for her favorite recipies. The time for planning has arrived. Happy Hunting.

P.S. Don't forget the beer, there should be some late Autumn microbrews out there which will complement the meal nicely, but not be too spiced like Christmas Ales. Sam Adams Octoberfest is a staple, but I will include both beer and wines on my menu and you should too. Don't leave it up to guests to bring the right wine or beer, give them a hearty "suggestion" to bring what is on the menu.

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