Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New (Unexpected) iPhone Reality - The 20/50 Phenomenon

I love my iPhone, don't get me wrong. Used correctly I can sometimes make it through an entire day without needing my computer. It rocks for everything I do. It is somewhat easier that I have always been an Apple guy and the iPhone functionality is just an extension of what they have been building for decades now.

My office is also a "Mac Office" being an ad agency with all of our "creative" talent, it just makes sense. Along with all of those Macs comes literally hundreds of iPhones and iPhone users. Because of this, at 10 until the hour and 20 after the hour, thanks to time being synched by AT&T, it is like a clock shop, ding, dong, ding, ring, (insert JayZ ringtone here).

Our office is mired in meetings, one after another until the only time you can get work done is after 5 or before 8 in the morning. I will save my comments on that for another time, but now everyone's iPhones (in the default setting) are reminding people of meetings that are coming up in 10 minutes. It is so funny that most people look to the "top of" or "bottom of the hour" as their signals for time passing, not for me, now it is 20 and 50, dare I say just like clockwork?

It's not annoying and really somewhat funny as everyone looks down at their phones in unison, sometimes even the presenter in the meeting, as though this meeting just showed up and they have no idea how it got there. I hear it outside of my office like a cascade of sound breaking the white noise machines above our cubicle farm.

By the way, everyone is still late for my meetings, just as it was pre-iPhone. My suggestion for future iPhone versions is to set the default to 1 minute after the meeting starts. I can picture it now... everyone grabbing their iPhones as the tone rings, getting their stuff and running off to the next meeting sure to be cut short by synchronous tones of technology.

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